The most basic professions in Divinity: Fighter, Diviner, Shadow, and Shadow Shadow, in addition to the extremely rare professions buried deep in history, or are quietly stepping into Divinity ......

🎭Occupation Type

l Fighter

After entering Divinity, this group of people were the first to be seen by the dark will Ahriman. They harbor the seeds of chaos in their hearts, seeking to fight and kill, and the only way to counteract the terror and unease is through constant destruction. The realm and the lordship, for them, are only a means to achieve killing, and hammering the body is also to be able to keep fighting.

With the strife of the fighters, which also gradually divided. What does not change is the call of Ahriman in their hearts: Go and kill! Destroy everything!

l Diviner

They have a strange sense, in the divine realm can hear the many will and the voice of the two will of light and darkness. They avoid the battle of the lords and hide in the shadows to practice, communicating with the gods while developing peculiar divine arts. The magi who belong to different wills have different beliefs and magical systems, and their temperaments and opinions vary greatly.

Some of them search for the "Genesis Stone" for immortality, while others use themselves as energy to help others. In general, they have superior intelligence and sensibility, but also the pawns of the gods.

l Shadow

They do not seek power or divine revelation. They are realists who believe that the realm of the gods requires strategy and balance. Most of them are called by Mazda to change the power pattern of Divinity based on various secret societies and confidential operations. They are seemingly inconspicuous, yet each is agile and dedicated to the peace of Divinity. At the same time, they also covertly investigate the signs of Ahriman's actions.

Occupational Skill Acquisition

l Skills Overview

Each profession has independent professional skills, including active and passive skills, and players can choose to configure 6 active skills and 4 passive skills during battle.

l Skill unlocking method

Skill unlocking method: Awakener level up, complete the specified tasks to unlock skills.

l Skill upgrade method

  • Skill level: Skill initialization level: 1 level, maximum level: 15 levels.

  • Skill upgrade requires consumption: Gold, Genesis Stone, Battle Spirit, Genesis Crown, Diamond.

  • Skill upgrade success rate: 100% success for upgrades from level 1 to 10, with a certain probability of failure for upgrades from level 10 to 15, and the skill level will remain unchanged after failure, and all upgrade props will be consumed.

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