💫Features of Lords of Land

1. Free design and creation, realize co-creation and sharing

Lords of Land supports players to participate in the creation and sharing of the game by providing a sandbox-like editor. We provide players with basic elements, and players can create their own NFTs simply by using materials obtained in the game, and have the opportunity to apply them to the game. The original NFTs can be exported to the marketplace for free trade, enabling the co-creation and sharing of the game.

2. Win to Earn, a more immersive play and earn mode

Lords of Land has both intense battles and adventures, as well as a deep story plot and rich attribute development modules, allowing players to gain an immersive gaming experience. It is a change from Play to Earn to Win to Earn mode.

3. Combining real and virtual game experience

Lords of Land players will be able to play and collect resources to own, operate, and trade, as well as to win real-world rights and interests through adventures or challenges. The virtual and real worlds will be seamlessly integrated and organically connected.

Players can participate in the real world through cell phone APP or smart sensor terminal to complete the challenges in the real world. When you want to exchange or extract certain goods in the virtual world of the game, the goods will be delivered to you quickly through the e-commerce channel in the real world.

4. The multiple values of NFT

In Lords of Land, players take on the role of a lord (character NFT) to guard and operate their own territory (land NFT). Players can also seize other territories, win battle pets, equipment and many other NFTs, and improve their abilities in constant challenges or gain revenue through trading.

In the future, Lords of Land will also support cross-chain casting of NFT, so that NFT has more use scenarios and NFT will be more valuable.

5. Land and castle management gameplay

Players improve their combat power through adventures and challenges to guard their territories and castles. Players can stop the looters and guard the castle and its resources through the arrangement of guards and traps in the castle. The maps of castles and traps carefully designed by players can be imported into the market and used in the game.

At the same time, Lords of Land offers the opportunity to display and create themed appearance of castles. Players can replace the skins of castles to create personalized costumes and break the constraints of the realm territories.

In addition to the territories and castles in Divinity, there is also a central business district and special branded buildings that players can explore to obtain resources or rewards.

6. Decentralized community for autonomous governance

Lords of Land provides a decentralized and creative community for players and creators. Players can use the editor to create and launch their own NFTs, as well as participate in challenges and earn prizes. It allows players to create immersive gaming experiences and to securely store and trade their creations.

Lords of Land also empowers players, and the content setting and governance of this world will be in the hands of the players who contribute to it. We hope that players will all become creators, working to create an evolving metaverse.

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