Lords of Land has five types of NFTs:

Awakener, Realm Territories, Slave Gods, Equipment, and Meta Stones.

Players enter the world of Lords of Land as Awakener and own their own territories. Awakener players can choose their profession according to their natural inclination, command their territory and defend it from other challengers. They can also challenge demons, monsters and powerful bosses in their adventures, or challenge other lords to seize other territories and resources. Awakener players can gain higher combat power through NFT from gods, equipment and meta-stones, or create new game elements and gradually accumulate experience, enhance their abilities and win rewards in battle.

Upon entering Divinity,Zurvan will awaken the character with the original talent. Among the many Awakener, 0.01% (1 in 10,000) of the Awakener have the existence of double talent, 0.0001% (1 in a million) of the Awakener have the existence of triple talent, and no Awakener with quadruple talent have been found so far.

The entire character will be disassembled into: helmet, arms, torso, legs, shoes ...... and many other parts, and players can equip it with different ASSET assets for display.

Genesis Zurvan a total of 32 official multi-talented characters, of which 24 are dual-talented and 8 are triple-talented.

Talent quality division:

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