Lords of Land


Every Awakener can open the castle function and build a castle.Awakeners can guard or challenge in castle.
  • Castle Defending: Awakeners can deploy traps to guard treasures.
  • Castle Challenge: Awakeners can challenge others’ castles to win treasure.
  • Castle dressup: Dress up Castle with different skins or customize decoration.
  • Treasure deployment: Deploy treasure in castle to guard from outside.
  • Social Network: Challengers can comment on castle and share records.

🌟Castle Upgrade

Different land are built with different level castles. Players can consume the corresponding materials to upgrade castle, upgrade 100% success
  • Technology function classification: storage technology, collection technology, attribute technology three modules
  • Consume materials can upgrade Guard to improve attributes or unlock skills.
  • Traps can be upgraded by consumption of resources.
  • Dragons are bound with dragon buildings and have multiple plays of dragon language, dragon seal, and skin.